OKC Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to Garment Printing in OKC

CJ’s Custom Apparel provides exceptional direct to garment printing for all types of garments and all types of designs, with no minimum or maximum order requirements. Since 2011, we've provided exceptional service and custom apparel expertise to the Oklahoma City metro area.

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Direct to garment printing is similar to screen printing as it applies ink directly onto fabric. However, while screen printing uses a stencil, making the process best-suited for large orders, direct to garment printing crafts each image individually using inkjet technology. This process also makes it easier to make more detailed, more precise images.

Direct to garment printing is like printing an image from a computer, except direct to garment printing puts the image on fabric instead of paper. Direct to garment printing allows you to use many different colors and sharp designs, from simple images like logos to text to more complex images like faces or figures.

When Should I Use Direct to Garment Printing?

If you are looking for a clear, impactful design using a more complex image, direct to garment printing is a great option. You can use a specific image for your shirt or other items, or CJ’s Custom Apparel can help you create a beautiful, stand-out design.

Need custom artwork created, vectorized, or digitized? We offer graphic design services too! Click here to learn more about our graphic design services.

Direct to garment printing is ideal if you are looking for a small number of shirts or other items for a sports team, employees, students, family members, or other members of a small group. To learn more, contact CJ’s Custom Apparel at (405) 340-9677.

DTG printing is perfect for:

  • Full Color Prints
  • Low Minimum Orders
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies

Use the form below to request a quote, or call our showroom at (405) 340-9677. After we receive your request, we'll follow up to get your design and more information from you.

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